Annual Report


Friends, as we are all aware, 2019 seems like like the distant past. But so much happened in 2019 that is worth celebrating as the Urban Mosaic team grew, expanded and developed in unprecedented ways. The team launched a leadership school, paved multiple streets, held events for hundreds of kids, hosted health clinics, planted churches and more. In 2018, we served 15,000 people. In 2019, with the addition of dozens of local leaders, we more than doubled the impact.

2019 Highlights at a Glance


Between Fortaleza, ACJU, ProNiñez, ProSalud, and RetoNehemías, a total of 15 seed projects and 8 larger community projects reached 28,625 people.
These projects were carried out by 28 citizen committees representing 826 families.
A total of 1,070 people participated in the implementation of these programs.


37 churches visited 2,295 households through the “I Want to Listen to You campaign.”
45 pastors and 44 leaders participated in the 120 hour Missio Dei Diploma and 46 leaders participated in the  Church Planting School.


The ACJI team worked in six high schools and two middle schools to train 1,260 young people in life skills, healthy sexuality, addiction prevention and vocational orientation. 845 students have experienced and shown evidence of life change.

Thanks to the participation of 313 young leaders, 14 seed projects and one community project were carried out, reaching 3,350 people.
We collaborated with 10 preschools and 7 elementary schools benefiting 3,000 children through artistic activities, anti-bullying, storytelling.



Through the My Healthy School program, 2,230 students from 12 schools received dental care, deworming, and other services.
452 families are enrolled in our My Healthy Home program through 30 family clubs which were formed or consolidated (15 families/club), resulting in these families having access to basic health services.
ProSalud carried out 10 seed projects and 5 community projects reaching a total of 3,500 people. More than 140 people participated in the execution of these project


We launched the Urban Leadership School with 207 participants between the Urban Leadership School and Missio Dei theology course.
A total of 532 youth, community and church leaders are in leadership training processes.

2019 saw great expansion of Urban Mosaic programs. Then came 2020 and everything changed. Many of our team members have lost a family member to COVID-19. Others, including Oscar Garcia, Mexico Executive Director, became very sick. It’s been a difficult year as we had to shift virtually everything we do. 2020 has been the year of the pivot; it’s been the year of adapting and finding new, creative ways to seek SHALOM.


Other key changes took place in 2020. In June of this year, after spending a month recovering from COVID-19, Oscar returned to work. In July I handed over all day to day operations in Mexico to him as Executive Director. In my new role, I am focusing on building the foundation for future growth, working with Juan Sierra, Executive Director of Urban Mosaic Colombia and Emily Tamanaha, Executive Director of Urban Mosaic US. Finally, David Jones joined the team as Senior Strategy Director, as well as Noel Castellanos, Director of Strategic Growth. With this growing leadership team in place, in addition to serving as Global Director, I am focusing the next 12-18 months on reflecting, writing and developing our program materials.


As we celebrate the successes of 2019 navigate the unexpected challenges of 2020, we continue to see God move in incredible ways, opening new doors and new opportunities. The team adapted; pivoting to face our new reality and continuing to transform fragile cities into SHALOM cities. Thank you for walking with us and being part of the Mosaic!



Jean-Luc Krieg
Founder & Global Director


2019 - 2020 IN SUMMARY

Strengthening Civil Society


From community street paving projects....

“A few months ago, we decided to try and pave our street. I live here, raised my kids here, and now some of my grandchildren live here, too. We got our neighbors together with Urban Mosaic and agreed - ‘okay, let’s do this!’, says Juan, Community Leader & Pastor. Urban Mosaic helped the neighborhood pave the street faster than expected. “Now, neighbors are meeting and working together on our new street. The kids here used to stay inside, but now they come out of their homes to play games on the street”

2020 food security & urban farming projects

When the pandemic first effected Mexico and Colombia, we distributed 229 food baskets to local leaders and pastors to help offset their loss of income. We then transitioned to food security projects (food security is the reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food). We provided hundreds of rabbits, chickens and small gardens to over 400 families. “Being a part of this project is a gift from God. I really love animals; I had animals and hens my entire life but when I got sick a few years ago I had to say goodbye to my hens and other animals. But now, with this opportunity, I get to have hens again and having hens makes me feel alive again.” -Felimina, Community Member

Equipping Faith Communities


From church community service projects...

In the midst of extreme poverty in an informal settlement outside Malambo, Colombia, the local municipality forcefully evicted an entire neighborhood, including the Villarobledo Church. This church, one of the five communities of faith Mosaic works with in Colombia, was so dear to the people that they resisted the church’s removal. More than 90 people have already joined the Villarobledo Church again, working on rebuilding the faith community after forced displacement. In total Urban Mosaic works with 37 churches like the Villarobledo Church, helping mobilize projects to serve local communities.

2020 church services, theology & discipleship courses via Zoom

We helped 62 churches and 82 community groups prepare for the pandemic, reaching 20,000 people with necessary information to raise awareness about the virus. As restrictions were implemented on group gatherings (including churches) we helped launch 175 Shalom Groups (via Zoom) with over 1,500 participants studying the 26 Values to Build a Shalom Culture. And, we mobilized 28 organizations and hundreds of churches from 7 countries to join the 91x91 intercession campaign to pray through Psalm 91. “The church is not in quarantine; in the Bible, we don’t see a defeated church – we see the church empowered. That means that the church doesn’t stop. It’s not held back, even by the pandemic. The church continues to advance, even now.” - Pastor Jesus, Nehemiah Challenge Coordinator

Holistic Development of Children and Youth


From gathering 100s of children together for soccer tournaments and events...

Throughout all UM programs combined, the team worked in a total of 30 schools with a total population of 5,260 children and youth. Through youth events, a soccer tournament, freestyle rap competition, and summer activities, we reached a total of 1,850 more children and youth. One highlight was the Children’s Day celebration which gathered over 800 children in a stadium for a day of entertainment and fun. One community leader told us, “Most of these kids have never experienced an event like this. It’s something they will never forget.” - Nancy, Community Leader and Mom

2020 doing social distance homework clubs outside on the street

UM cancelled all children, youth and school programs when the pandemic started to impact Mexico in early 2020. However, as the months passed by, hundreds of children were left home alone day after day as their parents had to leave home for work and child care not always an option. To address the many needs of children during the pandemic, the team reopened clubs for kids and youth, with health precautions. We reached 407 children and youth through 47 clubs, meeting outdoors to apply pandemic precautionary measures. “One little boy, Sebastián, started coming to Children’s Club but every time his mom dropped him off he would start to cry. But now, after being welcomed into the group, he is participating in the activities and showing a lot more self-confidence.” -Montse, UM team member

Promoting Community and Emotional Health


From improving school bathrooms, sanitization and hygiene...

Urban Mosaic worked with the children, parents and teachers of the Emiliano Zapata School in San Sebastian to obtain the “My Healthy School” badge for multiple projects. UM community leaders not only promoted health and public hygiene but also painted educational games in the school yard and formed safe places within the elementary school. “Improving hygiene and sanitation helps keep our kids from getting sick and missing school, thus helping to break one of poverty’s vicious cycles.” - Gaby, UM team member

2020 installing hand washing stations on street corners

In addition to providing preventative information and teaching proper hand washing techniques, we donated personal protective equipment (gloves, antibacterial gel, face masks) to local hospitals and health clinics who did not have adequate supplies. We also installed 101 water tank hand washing stations helping 25,250 community members. “Each hand washing station is strategically placed in a public place where community members will see and have access. One women told me ‘Urban Mosaic is the only organization doing anything to help in this area and we are so grateful. Seeing the hand washing stations reminds us that we are not forgotten.” -Humberto, UM team member



From focusing on launching an Urban Leadership School...

2019 saw the launch of the Urban Leadership School and the response was overwhelming. From the start, community leaders wanted to learn more about leadership. “On the first day of class we expected about 50 students to register. We had almost double that, with 90 students arriving for the first day of class,” said Carina, Director of Training. Between participants in the Urban Leadership School and the Missio Dei theology intensive course, a total of 532 youth, community and church leaders participated in leadership training processes.

2020 virtual trainings and starting a chicken farm

Though 2020 has been tough for all of us, leadership development has not stopped. If anything, it’s accelerated. The Urban Leadership School completed its first cycle, and through the pastoral network the team has reached over 100 churches in the State of Mexico. We are providing training and support while assessing and recruiting emerging leaders. Additionally, we have relaunched economic development initiatives, starting a chicken farm, with 450 hens laying over 1000 eggs per week. This project supports the sustainability of the organization and directly helps to feed over 400 community leaders and their families.

Thanks to your generous giving, Urban Mosaic ended 2019 with strong financial growth which has enabled us to continue sustaining the work through this difficult year. The figures above represent consolidated financials across our work in Mexico, Colombia, the U.S., and Switzerland. Click below to see the audited financial statements from the U.S. organizational (Urban Transformation International).