Back To School

Fall 2021

Join Urban Mosaic in helping kids get back to school-- with joy.

Thanks to everyone who donated and helped us work toward this goal!

Returning to school is a challenging time of year for parents and kids everywhere, but in Mexico, families especially need our support. Virtually no one has been vaccinated in the communities we serve. And, it’s been 14 months since kids here were physically in school. Kids need to learn but, unfortunately, COVID-19 rages on in Mexico largely unimpeded.

Help equip kids, classrooms and schools for a safe and joyful back to school season.


For many, virtual options are non-existent. We must get kids back in school and learning this fall and we must insure that they can do so in a pandemic-safe way. 

Yadira and Jose share about the complexities of returning to school during the pandemic.

Listen to more family testimonials below:



$150 Pack – impacts 1 classroom (12 students) with supplies such as: 


  • •   Materials to equip classroom (sanitizing mat, facemasks, etc.)

  • • Organizing classroom health committees and developing leaders 

$500 Pack – impacts 1 school with supplies and support such as:

  • •   Needed protection materials

  • •   Urban Mosaic support, training and accompaniment from staff

  • •   COVID Prevention workshops 

  • •   Hand-washing station 

Support a student, a classroom, and/or an entire school with the resources to go Back to School!  

$12 Pack – impacts 1 student with supplies such as:

  • •   2 Washable Facemasks 

  • •   Spray (lasts 1 month)

  • •   Pack of School Supplies 


$50 Pack – impacts 1 family with 4 kids with supplies such as:


  • •   8 Washable Facemasks

  • •   4 Spray (lasts 1 month)

  • •   4 Pack of School Supplies 



Each level provides students and classrooms with supplies such as:  


   – Washable Facemask

   – Disinfectant Spray

   – Back of School Supplies Urban Mosaic support, training and
   – Needed protection materials

   – COVID Prevention workshops

   – Hand-washing station

   – General funding to support the well being of children, families
    and community leaders

Support a student, a classroom, and/or an entire school with the resources to go Back to School!

    Level 1: $12 impacts 1 student

    Level 2: $50 impacts 1 family

Level 3: $150 impacts 1 classroom (20 students)

    Level 4: $500 impacts 1 school   


Urban Mosaic’s goal is to raise $48,000 by October 1st, enabling UM to help hundreds of students.
Thank you for joining in and being the hands and feet of Jesus this Back to School season, investing in the schooling, well-being and future of children in marginalized communities.

In addition to responding concretely to the needs around us this Christmas, we also want to take time to reflect on the reason we have hope. Join us live on Facebook for Advent with Urban Mosaic @ 7pm CT (5pm MT/8pm ET) every Sunday evening and on Christmas Day.


Urban Mosaic has received a $30,000 matching grant, helping DOUBLE the impact of each donation!

HELP US REACH THE GOAL OF $48,000 BY October 1!