Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your partnership in the vision of serving the urban poor as we work to bring SHALOM to fragile communities. We look forward to what God will do in this next generation of Urban Mosaic – by God’s grace, in God’s strength and for God’s glory.


Please click below to learn more about what has transpired over the past several months, current challenges and hopes for the future.

Our founder, Jean-Luc Krieg, is clearly a great thought leader who set the organization on solid theological and missiological foundations with a unique change model for holistic ministry among the urban poor. Sadly, on August 27, 2021, the Mosaico Urbano Mexico board felt they needed to ask Jean-Luc to step down from their association and board and out of leadership in the Mexican organization – for reasons different than for the release of Oscar García a few weeks earlier. In the following weeks Jean-Luc said goodbye to the Mosaico Urbano Mexico team and did a final tour of the communities in which Mosaico Urbano works.


We are very grateful for the sacrificial and wise leadership of Jesús Mendoza, a loved and trusted pastor who has been on full-time staff for several years. He served on the Transition Team since August 2021 and is now our Interim Director. He has formed the staff leadership team which represents and is greatly trusted by the rest of the staff. 

Our organization first started as Transformación Urbana Internacional (TUI) in Mexico. Three years ago, Comunidad Mosaico Urbano, A.C. was formed to be the operational institution that could raise funds in Mexico (and operate as a 501(c)3 would in the U.S.) as well as manage the functions of personnel and the actual ministry. Due to Mexican law, assets could not just be transferred to the new entity so both continued to exist, each with their own boards. There are things each association is and is not allowed to do by itself.


As it stands now, TUI retains control of the assets (significantly, properties) while Mosaico Urbano has the staff and ministry under its domain. Formal agreements are being drawn up between TUI and Mosaico Urbano permitting Mosaico Urbano to continue using these installations.

We are moving through a challenging phase in the life cycle of an organization – growing beyond a founder-led organization into a second generation guided by a very competent staff leadership team. Great strides were made by the initial Transition Team which began work last August under the guidance and active participation of the Mosaico Urbano Mexico board.  Defective systems were repaired, effective administrative and financial processes were put in place and staff morale was rebuilt.

Due to the unforeseen loss of financial support (due to actions of previous staff), we are needing to make several hard fiscal and staffing decisions. Portions of staff salaries and one entire payroll were delayed with staff agreement, but both the US and Mexico boards are committed to fully reimburse and repay these salaries back. We are glad to tell you that all staff in Mexico were paid their most recent partial salary. We may still need to reduce staff until things have stabilized. If that happens, we sincerely hope to rehire as many of the current staff as possible once funds are available. Our boards have worked hard to seek additional funding. The Mosaico Urbano Mexico board is currently negotiating a major new grant to be approved and received sometime this summer.

We continue to be inspired by the staff of Mosaico Urbano in Mexico. They are resilient and strong. Many live among those whom they serve, in urban poor contexts. These incredible staff and community leaders are committed to one another, to the people of their communities, and to God’s mission. Staff members have been working sacrificially and very effectively despite the leadership transition and financial difficulties.


The leadership team continues to develop and work in partnership with other non-profit organizations at the state and national levels. Their efforts are tremendous.


Of course, this upheaval has been painful and the salary reductions difficult for many staff who live on tight finances. They are understandably asking the Mexico and US boards to identify and confirm diverse sources for full funding of all operations. Despite this storm, all 41 staff remain committed and extremely dedicated to the work in their communities.

Even with all the difficulty, staff continue to have broad and deep impact. Work is progressing on many fronts, including leader development, health initiatives, neighborhood safety, youth programs, etc. (please see the May Pray & Give Thanks, Spring Mosaic Briefing, or 2021 Annual Report for more). We strongly believe that God is at work and there is more for us to do, with your help.

If a personal conversation would be helpful to you to answer any remaining questions, we would love to talk. We welcome curiosity and offer transparency. If you’d like to have a conversation or hear more, please email and someone on our team will happily connect with you.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at