Global Integrity Day June 9, 2021

As a formal member of the Faith and Public Integrity Network (FPIN), Urban Mosaic is excited to endorse today the Global Integrity Day, June 9th, 2021 as a global rallying point to unite people on behalf of the integrity so urgently needed in our world. We are pro-integrity and anti-corruption.


Global Integrity Day is a positive day to reflect, teach, and collaborate on ways to integrate integrity in all we do throughout the entire year. It is a day to promote a) cultivating lifestyles of integrity from the individual through the international levels; b) working together to address the causes and consequences of corruption in its many forms; and c) collaborating for just and equitable societies marked with wellbeing for all persons/peoples and for the planet.


Please check out for more information and how you too can be part of living consistently in moral wholeness at all levels–individual, interpersonal, institutional, and international, across sectors and settings, local through global, the systemic and structural.