What Gives You Hope?

Seeds of Hope: Rebuilding Shalom Communities

This Holiday season, as we look forward to the hope and joy that the season brings, we take a moment to pause to anticipate a new year while reflecting on the end of a particularly difficult season.

While many of us look forward to a better year, we are deeply aware that many still don’t have that luxury. After 20 months of an ongoing global pandemic, vulnerable communities disproportionately devastated.

In order to protect vulnerable people from a deadly pandemic, economies were upended, resulting in a massive loss of jobs  To survive in densely populated areas, schooling was disrupted and the social fabric was weakened.  And for many choosing to feed their families meant risking exposure, resulting in a tremendous loss of life. 

In the midst of immense challenges we celebrate the incredible resiliency of local leaders, beacons of hope in their communities.

What Gives You Hope?

These communities are in need of REBUILDING….

Urban Mosaic is dedicated to rebuilding SHALOM communities in 2022… one person, one leader, one family, one community at a time.


Hope that was lost is being restored.


Local leaders are the heart and soul of Urban Mosaic. They leverage existing assets, catalyze change on their streets, in their homes and throughout their communities. Each local leader’s work sows seeds of hope that grow and multiply throughout their community.

With our modest staff of 50 we plan to launch 200 Community Projects that rebuild the social fabric of communities and invest in the development of 500 local leaders in the process.


What does this look like?


SEED:  $50 helps cover the material costs to launch one Seed Project.  

SPROUT: $100 covers the material and labor costs for a Seed Project, along with community follow up. 

SAPLING: $250 covers the costs of training and developing a local leader who will go on to lead multiple Seed Projects. 

SPRUCE TREE: $1000 covers one Community Project, a large scale project (such as pavement or drainage), impacting dozens of families and developing multiple local leaders. 


As we look to the coming of Jesus, who moved into the neighborhood and became one of this, we are inspired to follow in his footsteps, investing locally, in neighbors and local community leaders.  JOIN Urban Mosaic in rebuilding, investing in restoration and planting seeds of locally lead, transformative and long-term HOPE.

In addition to responding concretely to the needs around us this Christmas, we also want to take time to reflect on the reason we have hope. Join us live on Facebook for Advent with Urban Mosaic @ 7pm CT (5pm MT/8pm ET) every Sunday evening and on Christmas Day.


Urban Mosaic has received a $10,000 matching grant, helping DOUBLE the impact of each donation!

HELP US REACH THE GOAL OF $50,000 BY Jan 22, 2022!