June Update Letter

Dear Friends,

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to expose fault lines in society, as senseless violence shocks us all, and as people take to the streets to protest and demand justice, we are in dire need of hope and love to draw us together. We are standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the USA and all around the world who are fighting the corruption of entrenched racism. We are also working to address many forms of exploitation including human rights violations, gross inequalities, and pervasive poverty in the countries where we serve.

At Urban Mosaic, we believe breakthroughs take place when we not only demand change but seek to be the change ourselves. We work together in faith to help fragile cities become SHALOM cities. 

In fact, SHALOM is the perfect goal for these days. The work of Urban Mosaic continues to move forward toward this vital goal of SHALOM even during these challenging times. Raquel, one of our community leaders, recently shared the impact that Urban Mosaic’s COVID response has had in her neighborhood:

“For the people in our community, the water tanks and handwashing stations have been a huge blessing. The people are so happy and thankful. Many were moved to tears when they saw that we cared about their needs. I had an experience with another family when we went to deliver a food basket for them. They began crying and thanking God because they hadn’t eaten anything for two days and this food basket arrived just in time.


I’m so thankful to God that I get to be a part of this and thankful for each person that God has put in our path. I know there is so much hard work and so many people behind this beautiful ministry. Urban Mosaic has been a huge blessing for our community. And through all this, we are bringing Shalom to many people and they are coming to know God. We give thanks for each person who is part of this work.”

News of the global pandemic started to impact plans, programs and people, just as we finished Urban Mosaic’s major VISION 2030 meeting in Mexico City in February. Several key pastors we work with showed symptoms, tried bravely to recover, but soon died. Our dear colleague, Oscar Garcia showed symptoms, went into hospital and was soon on a ventilator. Praise God he was in the 1% of people that survived after being placed on a ventilator, and is now happily back leading the work of Urban Mosaic Mexico.


We shifted our plans for the year and developed a four-phase COVID-19 Response effort. In just the last 75 days, through the first two phases of the plan, the following has taken place:

  1. 1. Spiritual Development – 175 (virtual) SHALOM groups were launched with over 1,500 participants, studying and applying the 26 values to build a SHALOM culture. 


  • 2. Prevention – helped 20,000 people and 62 churches learn about COVID and its impact.
  • 3. Health – distributed masks, disinfectant and bacterial gel to local hospitals and clinics in need.

  • 4. Food and Water – provided 213 food baskets for leaders and their families, and installed handwashing.

In the last month, Mexico has jumped into the top seven countries with COVID-19 deaths; we believe that the official numbers are not higher only due to the government’s poor tracking. In addition, we’re facing an all-time high of violence, with six of the ten most violent cities located in Mexico. The move into Phase Three of this COVID-19 Response plan right now is crucial, but we need your help by June 30 to address these major needs:


  1. 1. Community & Public Service Projects – Unleash our 50+ key churches, 175 SHALOM groups and local citizen committees to supervise handwashing stations for 25,000 people.

    2. Mobile Health Unit – Operating from a fully equipped mobile unit, a doctor and nurse will serve 2,000 patients and oversee 100 COVID health monitors, to improve early detection, contact tracing and identify advanced cases of COVID.

    3. Insecurity & Violence: Help our local churches and community groups launch and strengthen local security projects (safe streets, neighborhood alarms) for 1,000 families.

    4. Food Security – Due to jobs lost by COVID, we will provide sustainable food sources for 275 pastors, leaders and their families (whose churches can’t support them now) with gardens, rabbits, and hens.

    5. Water – Install 400 tinacos  to provide potable water for 2,000 people.

As you can see, these are great needs. But we serve a great God, who is a remarkable provider. Please prayerfully consider what you might give at this crucial time. We are hoping for approximately $75,000 to launch these vital Phase Three efforts.


These are incredibly difficult times. We recognize that for many friends, this is a time of great stress and financial uncertainty. We understand that some may have immediate financial needs that make it difficult to continue to give during this time. By all means, make decisions that are prudent for your family at this time; we trust that the Lord will provide for the ministry’s needs.


On the other hand, if you find yourself blessed with continued financial security and can donate now, we will greatly appreciate every such gift, large or small. Thanks – and God bless you!


Sincerely in Christ,


-Jean-Luc Krieg