The Mosaic Partners is a passionate community of monthly givers joining forces to catalyze and cultivate SHALOM. This incredible group is made up of dedicated people like you on a mission to see tangible, holistic transformation of fragile cities into SHALOM cities.


We need to join forces to seek SHALOM now, more than ever.


Last year: Urban Mosaic pivoted all projects and programs in response to COVID-19.  Though 2020 has come and gone, the crisis continues; now sinking deep into the foundations of society with long-term effects for millions of families in marginalized communities.



Special Need: With the deepening crisis, we are seeing overwhelming numbers of families going hungry, which is why we are committed to responding with both immediate and long term needs in mind. We are hoping to both deepen the work in Mexico and Colombia in 2021, as well as prepare to serve other countries in the future. 


To make this possible, we are looking to strengthen Urban Mosaic’s foundation and establish a community of monthly givers on a mission to seek SHALOM in an ongoing way. 

The Reality We Are Facing:

“Most families are skipping breakfast and lunch. Maybe they have coffee and bread in the morning and perhaps a little noodle soup in the afternoon, but the main meal is dinner. Dad goes out to work for the day, and with his earnings from that day he buys food for that night’s dinner. Families wait all day for dad to come home so they can eat for the day. That’s how it is right now. People are hungry.”  

-Humberto, UM Field Operations Manager


The Mosaic Partners, alongside the Urban Mosaic team, are changing lives and urban communities.
Together this community is helping feed families, invest in leaders and so much more, addressing the root causes of poverty and all that keeps people from living in SHALOM.

If 50 people give $100/month, 100 people give $50/month, and 150 people give $30/month,
We can sow SHALOM and hope for tens of thousands this year.

What can your monthly gift accomplish?

 >>$30/month: Provides community health training for 10 moms; feeds a family for two weeks; and covers the cost of three school uniforms.


>>$50/month: Helps feed a family for one month and helps buy five school uniforms for youth.


>>$100/month:  Feeds a family for a month and allows Urban Mosaic to invest in their long term health and development, covers the tuition for a community leader to attend leadership school, emotional first aid training and discipleship groups throughout the year.

It takes a mosaic of people to build SHALOM cities, together. 
Join the community of 50+ families that are already partnering monthly!



>> Real-Time Updates: Receive special updates throughout the year right onto your phone via invitation to a private group.
Exclusive Pass: Virtual Come and See event with behind-the-scenes access to experience the work in Mexico.
>> Meet and Greet: Personal invitation a virtual event twice a year to interact with staff and community leaders.


Together, we can build SHALOM cities through regular support to purchase food for families affected by COVID; health resources for women and school supplies and materials for children and youth; and, training to equip key community leaders.


Thanks for your partnership – as together we see fragile cities transformed into SHALOM cities!