Community Members: Life With Dignity

We believe all people should live with dignity, as God’s image bearers; part of that dignity is being able to move around your home or community at ease.


In the communities where Urban Mosaic serves, many people have trouble walking and don’t have access to wheelchairs or other tools to help them get around more easily.


As part of the ProSalud project, Urban Mosaic has partnered with Free Wheelchair Mission (FWM) for the past couple of years. In doing so, we have been able to provide hundreds of wheelchairs to people living in our communities, giving them increased mobility and access to their neighborhood.

Urban Mosaic received another container from FWM earlier this year.


"Before Urban Mosaic donated this wheelchair to me, my work was very hard to do."

For people like Arturo Lopez, who works in a recycling center, mobility challenges made going to work difficult.


In June, we received a container from Free Wheelchair Mission with 488 wheelchairs. Arturo received one of them.


“Before Urban Mosaic donated this wheelchair to me, my work was very hard to do,” Arturo said. “Now, since UM gave me this wheelchair, I can do my work better and easier!”


In October 2019, Free Wheelchair Mission and UM also donated wheelchairs to 21 children living in Lomas de San Isidro, Los Reyes La Paz. These wheelchairs represent an incredible blessing to these families, whose children really struggled in their day to day activities.


Free Wheelchair Mission has distributed 1.3 million wheelchairs to people living with disabilities in 94 developing countries around the world. We are thrilled to be partnering with them in Mexico, creating new partnerships and providing mobility to individuals in the communities where we work.

“I invite you to keep having hope because Urban Mosaic follows through on its promises, and people continue to believe in UM’s work because of it,” Arturo said.

A community member shows the wheelchair he received from FWM.
Arturo can work better and easier at the recycling center now.
One of UM's community members sits outside her home.
UM staff members load up a shipment from Free Wheelchair Mission.
Urban Mosaic team members stand in front of the latest shipment from Free Wheelchair Mission.

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Questions for Reflection:


1. What does this story inspire you to think about?

2. How do your abilities impact your work and day-to-day?

3. Have you ever been given a gift that helped you work and live better? How did receiving that gift make you feel?