Hi there, I’m Rickie and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be part of the Mosaic!

Over the past 9 years, God has stirred in my heart a burning passion to see His Kingdom here on Earth as it is in Heaven. I have seen firsthand and truly believe in Urban Mosaic’s locally-led holistic approach to community transformation and spiritual restoration. As I join Urban Mosaic as their Global Project Coordinator, I will be empowering those on the frontlines of their own communities & cities and helping scale the impact of Urban Mosaic’s transformational change model throughout Latin America.

Learn more below about how to join my Ministry Support Team and partner with me on this journey!


From life-changing trips to the slums of Kenya, the mountains of Guatemala, and the rainforests of Panama, to my work in data-driven strategic planning at Bank of America and serving refugees on the frontlines at One7, God has led me on a journey to discover what it means to utilize all the experiences and skills I’ve acquired along the way to equip and empower local community champions with the foundational tools and technology to multiply their impact for the Kingdom of God.

As Urban Mosaic's Global Project Coordinator, I will serve a pivotal role in:

1. Global Finance - Developing methodology and systems to efficiently execute and reconcile financial processes across all global Urban Mosaic entities while producing financial reporting and analytics to drive strategic planning

2. Project Management & Systematization - Designing and implementing key systems to enable and support organization-wide project management, knowledge sharing, and impact measurement

3. Administration & Support - Monitoring and evaluating the progress of Urban Mosaic’s multi-year global strategic goals and supporting the development of internal infrastructure to streamline the connection between finance, marketing, and management

This all matters because in order to achieve our 2030 Vision of impacting over a million people throughout Latin America, we need to have the necessary foundations in place to truly scale and multiply. I would be honored to have you partner with me on this journey to see communities and cities marked with hopelessness, violence, and injustice transformed by His unstoppable love and Shalom.


In order to make this happen, I am looking to raise $3,000 in monthly support to sustain and enable my work with Urban Mosaic.