From Strangers to Friends

Spring 2022

Join Urban Mosaic in restoring relationships and trust between neighbors.

Around Christmas time, Urban Mosaic led the Seeds of Hope initiative to raise money in order to plant Seeds of Hope in the communities we serve. These seeds start with small moments: an invitation to a discipleship group, a toy distribution event, a tree-trimming project. Neighborhood Committees are the way to sustain these seeds into saplings.


Lent is a time to sacrifice our personal desires and to reflect on the renewal and restoration that God gave us all through Christ’s resurrection. By creating Neighborhood Committees and implementing  Community Projects, UM is restoring the broken connections between neighbors and families. Through the restoration of relationships and systems, mindsets change. Transformation takes root. Shalom is brought forth.

Just as Jesus restored our relationships through his sacrifice on Easter, Urban Mosaic is cultivating projects and committees that, with God’s help, restore relationships and foster trust between neighbors.


Will you walk alongside us in this mission of restoration and help fund Neighborhood Committees in the communities we serve?

As seed projects take root, Neighborhood Committees form and multiply. The momentum is growing.
UM’s goal is to raise $25,000 by May 31,  enabling UM to keep the momentum, funding more Neighborhood Committees and developing more local leaders.


•  LAUNCH PAD:  Neighborhood Committees start with a seed project. $50 covers the material costs for 1 seed project, the first step to creating social cohesion among neighbors.
•  LEG WORK: $100 covers all material costs, labor costs, and community follow up for a seed project.

•  LET’S GO- COMMITTEE TIME: One key to a successful Neighborhood Committee is a committed local leader. $250 covers the costs of training and developing a local leader who will go on to lead a Neighborhood Committees.

•  LONG TERM-COMMUNITY PROJECT:  Community projects (such as pavement or drainage) impact dozens of families, involve MULTIPLE Neighborhood Committees, and develop 3-7 local leaders.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to Urban Mosaic. In addition to what you’ve already given, we invite you to consider joining us in restoring relationships and trust between neighbors this spring.

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Urban Mosaic has received a $30,000 matching grant, helping DOUBLE the impact of each donation!

HELP US REACH THE GOAL OF $48,000 BY October 1!

In addition to responding concretely to the needs around us this Christmas, we also want to take time to reflect on the reason we have hope. Join us live on Facebook for Advent with Urban Mosaic @ 7pm CT (5pm MT/8pm ET) every Sunday evening and on Christmas Day.


Are you connected in your neighborhood? Join us for an interactive gathering focused on what a neighborhood committee, focused on creating changes and building relationships, looks like!


Thursday, April 7

7-8 p.m. Central Time


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