Thursday, July 23rd @ 7PM Central Time

What does spiritual development and discipleship look like in the COVID-19 era? How do we facilitate spiritual growth and meet people’s spiritual and emotional needs in these challenging and unprecedented times?  


Join Urban Mosaic for a special time to “Zoom In” to hear on how we are facilitating spiritual development processes and how you can participate with us. We will also be sharing some big news, so be sure to tune in!


During this 45 minute event, we will:


  • Hear a special update and announcement from our Founder & CEO, Jean-Luc Krieg

  • Interview Urban Mosaic’s team member: (To Be Confirmed)

  • Engage in Q&A – what do you want to know about the work on the ground? 


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A New Chapter for Urban Mosaic 

“Would you be open to do something in my city?” Exact words we’ve heard from dozens of leaders in Mexico, Latin America and around the world. As word of Urban Mosaic’s work has spread, so have the number of invitations to partner with other NGOs and ministries beyond Mexico City. And so, Founder and Global Director Jean-Luc is embarking on a 12-18 month journey; paving the way to grow Urban Mosaic to 30 fragile cities in 10-12 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean over the next 10 years.

Join us
for a special conversation with our Founder and Global Director, Jean-Luc Krieg.


Hear directly about some major transitions and the new chapter that Urban Mosaic is entering. Hear from Jean-Luc about what’s he’s excited about in this coming season.


Meet some of the leaders who will work alongside Jean-Luc to prepare us to scale the work of Urban Mosaic. 


WHEN: Thursday, July 23rd, 7PM Central Time

Missed our gathering in June?

Our June virtual gathering featured a progress report, some Q&A and a conversation with our Field Operations Manager, Humberto.

Jean-Luc Krieg
Founder & CEO

Hosted by:
Emily Tamanaha
Managing Director of Operations

Staff Guest:
Humberto Gutierrez
Manager of Field Operations